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If you're unable to make it to my venue, why not choose to have an Online Lesson

All Lessons will take place via the Skillest Coaching App. This is available both on Apple and Android.

Whats included within each online lesson?

  • Video Analysis - A detailed video analysis will be made on your current stroke using the analytical tool

  • Custom Feedback Video - A detailed comparison video will be sent with myself explaining the correct changes and best ways to execute them

  • Drills / Practice Plan - Video Drills will be included to help with your performance and a detailed plan to help you move forward

  • Access my CoachNow Community - You will also gain free access to my online coaching group 


What do you get from the detailed analysis ?

  • Better Understanding - Using Video Analysis will allow the golfer to develop a clearer understanding of his/her tendencies

  • Unique Catalog of Information - CoachNow and Skillest offer the golfer the ability to keep all videos saved within their profile. Making it easier to revisit each aspect if things start to change in their putting

  • Revisit Drills / Support - As mentioned all the videos will be saved in the within the app, along with conversations we have along the way

Do you feel Online Lessons could unlock your true potential, don't waste time and lets get start today

There are two types of lessons to choose from within the Online Lesson platform. Firstly a one off lesson or you have the choice of a months online tuiton.

Prices can be found below 


                                     SINGLE LESSON PACKAGE  -  £45.00    


                                       THREE LESSON PACKAGE - £90.00

 All lessons will be returned within 48hours of submission



This is the ULTIMATE online coaching package

Whats included within this package?

  • 24/7 Swing Diagnostics - During the month you will receive one live 30 minute Zoom session and unlimited video analysis's  

  • Full Game Support / Goal Setting - We will take an in-depth look into the Putting Stats from rounds played and set measurable goals

  • Video Analysis and Drills - All of these will be provided within the golfers Skillest app 

The cost of this package is 

                                          ADULT GOLFER      -   £110.00   



All of the above packages can be found on my Skillest Profile, which is linked below 

Chase Davis - Skillest Profile Page

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